Agregat Portabil Hawe KA-T


Agregat Portabil Hawe KA-T

The portable compact hydraulic power pack KA-T has been designed for operating hydraulic torque wrenches. It comprises a container with integrated motor and pump, plus an electrical control system with cable-connected remote control.

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The device is protected by a plastic casing. Protection class IP65 means that the device can be used safely outdoors. Overheat protection and continuous operation are guaranteed by two fans integrated into the power pack.





Features and benefits:

■ Dual-stage radial piston pump with high changeover pressure
■ For continuous operation with intermittent loading (S6 operation)
■ Transport handle and eye hooks available
■ Pressure gauge connected with quick connector – simple disassembly for calibration
■ Sealed container allows transportation when filled with oil

Intended applications:
■ Double-acting hydraulic torque wrenches
■ Additional applications on request

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