Pompa V60N

pompa-v60n pompa-v60n pompa-v60n
pompa-v60n pompa-v60n pompa-v60n

Pompa V60N

Thanks to its sturdy construction, the variable displacement axial piston pump is designed for direct flange mounting to the power take-off on commercial vehicle gearboxes, or for standard connection using an SAE flange. The benchmark figures for this product are 130 cm3/rev and 450 bar end pressure, allowing for a wide range of applications.

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These are supported by a high self-suction speed rating and low noise level. Variations with thru-shaft for flange mounting additional variable displacement axial piston pumps and auxiliary pumps are also available. Several different controllers offer the user a wide range of application possibilities. Particular advantages with regard to the mutual coordination arise from a combined application of variable displacement axial piston pumps with proportional directional spool valves type PSV and possibly required load-holding valves type LHT and LHDV.




Features and benefits:
■ Good performance/weight ratio
■ High self-suction speed
■ Different shaft and flange versions

Intended applications:
■ Machines for forestry and agricultural purposes
■ Cranes and lifting equipment
■ Truck-mounted concrete pumps
■ Municipal trucks


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